About Us

AcroMoves our lives, moves us to meet and grow with people, we would love to reach to you and allow AcroMoves your life. AcroMoves is fundamentally about conscious movement. We practice a comprehensive, holistic & mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities, including activities like: AcroYoga, Yoga, Yoga for kids, Thai Massage, Adventures Trips: The practice is for everyone. It is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence for any area of life.
“Join Us and Move your Butts”

Sharon Peregrina

Acroyoga Teacher

Mountain Guide and certified Teacher of AcroYoga, Yoga and Yoga for Kids.
Since she has been a little child her parents already took her to the mountains with her twin brother to discover the amazing feeling of Adventures, climbing up several peaks in the Alps, waking up her passion for nature what motivates her to form part of the Andalusian Alpine Team, where she starts to climb big walls and discover ice climbing since 2012. She loves every kind of movement in the mountains as skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, running…

Since 2005 she discovered yoga and found the perfect combination of sports in nature and relaxation and connection through yoga.

In 2013 AcroYoga came into her life, and from then she has not stopped moving around the world sharing smiles, respect and support organizing Workshops, Retreats and Trainings. Her motivation of sharing this practice is the ability to develop human values through playfulness aiming big changes in the people in a very short time.

Since 2015 she is sharing social projects with Oliver wherever they go, orphanage, jails, refuge camps, etc.

Oliver Chamorro

Acroyoga Teacher

Oliver creates an environment of friendship, trust, solidarity and tolerance in everything he offers: Acrobatics, Thai Massage, Adventure activities, Treatments, Kids Yoga…
His passionate teaching style cultivates joy and cleans up the mind. He is dedicated to offering “heartful” and playful workshops, trainings and non-profit outreach connecting communities around the world. He has offered programming in the jails of Thailand, Orphanages, Hospitals, people with special needs in many countries and, refugees from Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Burma.
In any environment all kind of professional (Yoga and AcroYoga Teachers, Body workers, Refugee Social Workers and Volunteers, Acrobats, team build Coaches… everyone) benefit from the tools that he offers.

Oliver studied and practice Social Work wherever he is, sharing the gem of what is needed in the different realities he finds. He studied Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Thai Massage and he found that through Yoga and AcroYoga he can bring all his passions in one, even singing and playing the guitar.

AcroYoga for him is the practice of doing the impossible, accessible and the dreams, realities. He has an analytic eye to support the group in a safe and dynamic way. Allowing magic to happen.