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AcroYoga Intensive Training in Lanzarote by AcroMoves

16 February, 2019 @ 09:30 - 19 February, 2019 @ 18:00 CET



Do you want to train in a safe environment to grow in your practice and achieve your goals?

4 days of training
7 hours a day (6 hours of training + 1 hour of Thai massage)

?PreRequisites ?
You must have at least 1 year of experience in acrobatics, acroyoga or have participated in some solar immersion or another acro training.
The ideal is to come with a training partner, but if you do not have one, we will help you find one.
– Skills required (as a base or flying)
L Basing: comfortable in: Foot to Hand, Reverse Foot to Hand, Star, Reverse Star, all the different side stars, Shoulders Stand.
Standing Acro: Comfortable in 2 high, cathedral
Washing Machines: 4 Steps, Barrel Roll

9:30 – 10: Heating
10 – 10: 45: Handstands, Investments, Max Ins
11 – 12: L Basing – Pops, Asym, Monkey, Goofy, Washing Machines, Transitions, Hand in Hand, Against Hand to Hand, Counterbalances
12h – 13h: Free Training – Train your goals

13h-14: 30h: Break to Eat

14: 30 – 14: 45: Warm up
14: 45 – 15: 15 / 30: Calibrations for Standing Acro
15: 30 – 16: 30: Standing Acro
16: 30 -17h: Free Training – Train your goals
5pm – 6pm: Thai Massage, Stretch, Rehab

?LOCATION ?Teatro de Teguise, Lanzarote

4 Days:
We want the more people to come cheaper
__ From 1 to 10 people: € 300 per person
___From 11 to 15 people: € 275 per person
____ If there are more than 16 students: € 250 per person

1 day (Saturday): 80€
2 days (Sat and Sun): 150€
3 days (Sat, Sun, Mon): 220€

? To book your place, fill in the following form:
and make a deposit of € 100 and the rest you can pay a month before the course.
If you are coming for a day, 2 or 3 pay in order to book your spot you pay the total amount of your option

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We know the benefit of training with the support of other acrobats and good spotters in a space adapted for it.
That’s why we come with great enthusiasm to share this 4-day training designed for teachers and acro practitioners who want to take a step forward in their practice.
Every day you will have many exercises to achieve your perfect Handstand (if perfection exists), it does not matter in the level that you are, there will be challenges for many levels, many proposals in L-Basing, from Pops and Icarian more fun, going through calibrations, ingenious washing machines, inversions, mono and asymmetric, standing acrobatics and others.
In addition every day we will have free time so that you can train with your partner your own goals with the support of spotters and with specific exercises to reach your goal.

Sumarizing, 4 days of play and training to grow and advance learning a good technique and in a safe environment.
Also if you are already an Acroyoga teacher or you have a high level we will help you to advance in your practice and find your challenges!
See you in the Canary Islands!

Sharon and Oliver

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16 February, 2019 @ 09:30 CET
19 February, 2019 @ 18:00 CET
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