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Thai Massage Playtime: Intro to OsteoThai and Wuo Tai

August 9 @ 12:00 - August 10 @ 16:30 CEST

Thai Massage explorations: Osteothai and Wuo Tai with Oliver Chamorro and Sonia Peltzer

In this two-day workshop, we will explore some of our favorite evolutions of Thai massage.


Day 1 will explore the way osteopathy can inspire your Thai massage practice -An introduction to Osteothai-
Day 2 will take you to the sacred dance of Wuo Tai.
Thai Massage is a bodywork with an ancient spiritual tradition that combines meditation, yoga, and the practice of loving-kindness. One of the characteristics of this art is that you use not just your hands to give the massage but the whole body in a co-created dance of mindful touch and presence.
Osteo-Thai brings us more precision, more focus, and more intention. Osteopathy is based on a crystal clear vision of Anatomy, Physiology, and body mechanics and aims to bring back vitality and mobility in the areas where it is most needed. Through our ability to listen and touch our patients with softness and precision, tapping into our unlimited curiosity, we can help restore balance and create a platform where healing can unfold.
Wuo Tai addresses our fascinating connective tissues in a playful new way of sensing and exploring. Using rhythm and rolling techniques these anatomical entities allow us to listen to their insightful tales about… US.

Join us for two days of Thai massage playtime to learn new tricks and new lenses that will bring more depth into your practice. Foundational Thai massage experience recommended. Let us know if you have any questions.


Aug 9-10th 2021
9-12pm, 1.30-4.30pm

📍 Where:

Espace Daleas Danse
2 bis Rue Louis Chaumontel –
74000 Annecy

👉 Price:

–Day 1 or 2: 200€ or 150€ early bird before July 9th
–Both days
250€ or 200€ early bird before July 9th
150€ if you sign up for the solar AcroYoga immersion in Annecy or if you sign up with a friend before July 9th
Cancellation Policy:
– one month prior 50%, after that non-refundable
The course will be taught in French and English.


About the teachers:

Oliver Chamorro (Spain), a certified physiotherapist who has been teaching Thai Massage since 2007, feels like an eternal student. Dedicated to bringing his teaching techniques from his other studies such as Cranio Sacral Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Osteopathy. For him, Thai massage is meditation, dance and healing.
Along this path, the passion for Thai massage has been growing thanks to teachers such as Dayalu, Laurino Bertell, David Lutt, KrishnaTakis.
He graduated from Jörg Schürpf and David Lutt’s Master OsteoThai.
He is currently studying 2 of Osteopathy and gives therapies in Granada.
Oliver has a passionate teaching style and cultivates joy in training him.
“Life is constant movement, go where your heart takes you.”
Born in the French Alps and raised in the California Sierras, Sonia grew up with a passion for movement, connection and nature. She began teaching Thai massage in 2007. Thai massage feeds her meditative soul and the profound need for healing, softness, and slowing down. In 2012, this journey lead her to Thailand and Laos for some advanced courses with teachers from around the world under the lineage of Pichest Boonthumme and Asokananda. Her Thai massage practice since then has been influenced by European and American teachers who introduced Chinese Five Element Theory, Cranio Sacral, Osteopathy and Wuo Thai. Sonia is inspired by the playfulness and depth of Thai massage, whether giving, receiving or teaching and believes that we can bring more joy and peace in the world one Thai massage at a time.


August 9 @ 12:00 CEST
August 10 @ 16:30 CEST


Annecy, France


Oliver ChaMo & Sonia Peltzer