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Thai Yoga Massage: Art of Touch with Oliver in Malaga

January 25 @ 09:00 - February 2 @ 18:30 CET

30 hours of Thai Massage with Oliver Chamorro and the super assistant Angela Viejo Palacio.

Fundamentals, Principles and Structure of Thai Massage.


This rich and colorful course brings us into the Thai massage universe. Thai Massage is about Touch. Often discriminated in our society, touch gives us the possibility to establish a dialogue with the one another. It is an unconditional act of Love, beyond preferences and judgments. Without it, the world would only be solitude and separation. With it, we have an amazing tool to facilitate the process of healing and evolution.

The teaching of this course is based on two main parts:

  • Understanding the basics of Thai massage (meditation in motion) and the principles of touch: How to obtain softness and power in our hands, how to move smoothly and use our whole body so that no area gets tired.
  • Learning a Thai massage sequence. The sequence taught (approximately 1hr30min massage) is specifically designed to address the needs of our patients by restoring basic flexibility, recovering body mobility and balancing the flow of energy.

Without prerequisites, this 5-day class is open to everyone:

  • From the complete beginner who has no practical experience and simply wishes to give a good massage to family and friends.
  • To the health professional (physiotherapists, osteopath, nurse …) who wishes to expand their therapeutic techniques.


DAY 1 and 2
• Principles of Thai massage.
• General condition of the patient.
• Sequence of feet.
• Power lines: supine and lateral position.
• 1 leg exercises.
• Exercises for the spine with torsions.
• Exercises of legs and abdomen in side position.

DAY 3 and 4
• Lateral position then with exercises for legs, arms, back, neck, shoulder.
• Review of the sequence.
• Neck and face.
• How to put the person in a prone position.
• Prone position, face down on legs.
• Back and spine.
• Review of the entire sequence, doubts and practice.
• Massage exchange.

This course is part of the Thai and OsteoThai Lulyani Massage program and school. You can continue with Thai II, dynamic Thai massage and others. More info at: www.lulyani.com


Oliver Chamorro (Spain)

Oliver is a certified physiotherapist who has been teaching Thai Massage since 2007 feels an eternal student. Dedicated to bring in his teaching techniques coming from his other studies like Craneo Sacral Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Osteopathy. For him Thai Massage is meditation, dance and healing.
In this path, the passion for Thai Massage has been growing thanks to teachers like Dayalu, Laurino Bertell, David Lutt, KrishnaTakis. At the moment he is studying the Master OsteoThai from Jörg Schürpf and David Lutt.  Oliver has a passionate teaching style and cultivates joy in his trainings.
“Life is constant movement, go where your heart brings you.”


Module 1: from January 25 to 26.
Module 2: from February 1 to 2.
Timetable: from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Parvati Yoga Málaga, Spain

Casas de Campos Street 31, Malaga


– € 450 early bird (until November 15)
– € 550 normal price

Price until November 15th:
Module 1 + 2: € 450
Module 1 or 2: € 250

Price after November 15th:
Module 1 + 2: € 550
Module 1 or 2: € 300

To register send an email at thaimassageom@gmail.com or call Oliver at 626738597.

Material: Theoretical manual is delivered. Mostly practical course.
Course languages: Spanish, English and French.


January 25 @ 09:00 CET
February 2 @ 18:30 CET
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Parvati Yoga Malaga
Pasaje San Fernando, 4 (1-3), 29002