Prison Experiences

This is one of the most beautiful experience of sharing AcroYoga, to see how much fun the prisoner have trying to fly each others, playing like kids and learning to communicate with each others in a very positive and respectful way.
It is not always easy to get the permissions for joining a Jail, most of the time is because you know someone who can open you the door.
With the Circle Up Projects we also try to help others to open the doors to share this or any other practice in the jails because we thing it is really needed, so if you would love to live this experience and share whatever your passion is but you don´t know where to start you can contact us!!
Here we share some of the experience, we already visit some jails in Thailand, Argentina & Spain, but the most of the times, pictures are not allowed, so we only share some of the events where we get the permission of the jail and the prisoners.


6th September 2016

we went to the prison of Lanzarote (Canary Islands) to share AcroYoga. It was an amazing experience and we get even more motivated to continue sharing this practice wherever we go, especially in places like this. I can´t remember how many walls and security gates we had to pass, but once seated in the circle surrounded by a giant wall and wires with spikes sharing glances with prisoners I knew that this was going to be a very big experiencie for both, for them and for us. So we introduced ourselves and ask them to tell us their names and what makes them happy… …each one gave us a smile and most of them agreed that the thing that pleased them most of a sad day was the time to speak with their families… Then we started playing and warming up the body with some fun dynamics before starting to fly. It was amazing how respectful they were with us and to see how much their were enjoying. When we start to fly, Cécile and myself based Caru and Ruben to motivate them seeing if we, tiny girls, could fly the big boys, they also could do it … and it worked, everyone wanted to try to base and fly and even in general, except some, were very good spotters!! Normally it´s hard to get permission for taking pictures in prison, but we were lucky, after asking authorization and permission to the authorities and also to the prisoners, we took the camera and you can see, they loved it … especially because they will print some for hang them on the walls of the prison. Finally we end up with some Thai massage… we focus especially on the legs to avoid being too intimate, most enjoyed a lot and we came back to meet us in a closing circle to share their feelings and experiences of the day. They were super-grateful for make them forget for a few moments the situation they were and changing their routine, but especially to teach them how important is to trust each other, to help each other, to play, to train and see that anything you propose may be possible! Some wanted to fly their children when they get free, others wanted to share it with their friends and the ones staying long time in the jail wanted that we come back for teaching them more AcroYoga. Also we were very grateful to get the opportunity to get into the Jail for sharing this Practice full of human qualities, and we are shure that we will come back every time we visit this Island. Before saying goodbye, Cécile offered them an incredible project that surely will start in November …. Paint the cliffs of Famara (a beautiful beach in Lanzarote) in front of the white wall and paint the other walls with messages and drawings designed by the prisoners with the collaboration of some artists! They loved the idea!! Sharon, Cécile, Carú y Rubén


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April 2013

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