Social Projects

We develop a training to share with any practitioner, volunteer and teacher. This training contains AcroYoga skills, dynamics, games, non violent communication exercises and a pedagogy based in the positive communication and creative leadership. Through body movement you work the values that build up the feeling of belonging to a community. Expand the teamwork and strength the self-esteem and the self trust. With Circle Up the goal is plant seeds in teachers, volunteers and practitioners that can integrate those elements in their own activities and that the practice enrich itself with the capacities of every being.


We bring children and teenagers of different ages and social realities together. AcroYoga is an incredible tool because we are all necessary for something to happen. It is the teamwork that makes the strongest want to be the pillars for other smaller ones, with the feeling of if one achieves it, we all achieve it. We consider the AcroYoga as a Social Work of support and contact.


We make the closest inaccessible with games, support of the group and a great enthusiasm on the part of all. In these encounters there are no barriers, we all get our spirit to fly and feel alive. Teamwork and will are the ingredients that make this a party and an unforgettable experience. We love seeing how quickly confidence grows and what seemed impossible now is a celebration. We are all welcome in these meetings.


There are already many classes that we have offered inside the walls of a prison and we always leave with the feeling of having given wings, joy, physical work and teamwork to the people inside. Helping with the companionship, the confidence, the motivation, the concentration and the strength of each person. AcroYoga is an accessible challenge for all people and in each class you leave with the feeling of having grown both physically and mentally.

Principles & Focus

AcroYoga Circle Up use dynamics, games, non violent communication, sports, all range of partner acrobatics, inversions and thai massage to build universal values. All those skills help to develop vibrant, balanced healthy communities through movement, connection and play. Circles are made to have every person at the same level including everyone.
  • Collaborative Teamwork and positive communication.

  • Trust Building.

  • Physical Exercise.

  • Cultivate Peaceful Presence – Being in the Moment.

  • Surpassing Perceived Limitations – Physical & Emotional.

  • Enhancing Physical & Brain Hemisphere Balance.

  • Improve Coordination with Rhythm, Balance & Breath.

  • Building Strength & Flexibility to improve Psycho-physical Health.

  • Increase Self Esteem.

  • Increase ability to follow Instructions and Processes for Safety.

  • Engender a Feeling of Belonging to Place, Environment, & Community (no matter how temporary).

  • Cultivate and Experience Beauty.

  • Deliver Innocent, Non-Violent Entertainment, Humor, Play and Fun.

  • Empower Positive Leaders from within who can impact the rest of the Community.

  • For Every Voice to be Heard. Speaking with Intention and Listening with Attention.

Community Impact

Classes with any population have the power to impact the entire community in which they take place. Participants pass on new skills to their parents, kids, family and friends. They create an atmosphere for:
  • Shifting Patterns of Suffering.

  • Releasing, Stress & Trauma.

  • Increasing Calm & Impulse Control.

  • Engendering the Positive use of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication.

  • Experiencing joy and the enhancing the capacity to be joyful with others.

  • Cultivate physical, sports habits.


The projects immediate beneficiaries are places and people facing social, physical, mental, cultural, economic disadvantages. The Projects happen in all around the world (Middle East, America, Asia, Europe) reaching to jails, teenagers in risk situations, hospitals, schools, people with physical or mental disadvantages, women or men in social exclusion, refugees…

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